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Inner Citadel Consulting

Inner Citadel Consulting


About Us

Inner Citadel Consulting consults on talent selection and delivers talent and leadership development workshops grounded in emotional intelligence research and mindful leadership strategies. Peter is a certified and licensed Genos International practitioner and offers the full range of workplace and leaderships assessments, including the *free* Emotional Culture Index. Genos International ( has nearly three decades of success with selection, development, and management in companies as big as IBM, Facebook, BMW, Pfizer, and Microsoft and as small as family businesses. The research that lies behind emotional intelligence boils down to a simple concept with profound implications: the way we feel influences our thoughts and the decisions we make, and promotes (positively and negatively) our biases and behaviors in productive and unproductive ways. Organizational research shows a very robust link between the way people feel and the way their organization performs: on average organizations in which people feel valued, respected, and meaningful always outperform. And there is no single investment that can bring deeper positive change to workplace culture than EI development; workplace culture and emotional wellness are the greatest factors in longterm organizational success. All development needs to be carefully managed and driven by high RoI investment in people. Recent survey data in a Capgemini report showed that organizations can expect returns between 2 and 4 times higher for investing in EI development. Get actionable insights with Peter.

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