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Alcoa, Corp.



About Us

Massena Operations is the longest continually operating aluminum facilities in the world. The Pittsburgh Reduction Company (Alcoa's forerunner) came to Massena... in 1902 to take advantage of the abundant hydroelectric energy supply.
Today, Alcoa operates the smelting and casthouse facilities in Massena. Electrical power is purchased through a long-term contract with the New York Power Authority.
Smelting- The West smelting plant, 198 pre-bake cells comprise one of the largest most automated smelting potlines in the industry, capable of producing 800,000 pounds of molten aluminum daily.
Ingot- Molten aluminum from Massena’s West Smelting plant is mixed with alloying elements and cast into round ingot in Massena’s Ingot plant. About 60 different alloys are produced for customers. The Ingot plant houses a continuous rod casting and rolling facility. The state-of-the art production unit takes molten aluminum and , in one continuous process, produces coiled rod ready for customer shipment.

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